Take control of your affiliate on social media

Run time based campaigns, change affiliate products as easy as your socks and keep track of your performance

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Your content needs modern design and a fresh look

Because your profile needs to shine and glow as your content do. Without the technical pain of designing. Linkrex is your next Bio Link Tool

“It's perfect for content creators and bloggers to manager products and change them easily as the campaign goes.”

Garcia Gonzales, Photographer & Influencer
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Embedd your WordPress blog, Spotify, podcasts, videos and more

You have a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel? Then you can easily integrate them into your bio page. No coding needed.


Meets 100% GDPR regulatories

Made and hosted with ❤️ in Germany.

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Integrated click tracking is key

Say good bye to your website, your link shortener and link management systems and say hello to linkrex as we combine all of them for you.

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Your link tree looks perfect on every device

We know that your customers are on mobile. So we made sure that your bio page looks perfect on every device


A tool you did not know, that you absolutely need it

When you want to monetize your social media content, you need to combine several tools. Built by influencer for influencer linkrex is perfect and hits the following features:

Product box

Manage your products and affiliate links in your product box to reuse them.

Manage Team Members

Working alone is boring. So invite your team and manage your linkrex front pages together

Focus on your job

Well, you are not a software developer, IT pro or anything else. So we are. No coding, no updates needed. Ever!

Compose in Markdown

For authors and bloggers markdown is a well known content language. So, why not using it?


You do not have to use your link shortener any more. We track your campaigns for you.

Reuse fronts

Do you want to switch a whole set of content? Use fronts and toggle with one click

Storage for you

We have integrated image storage for your projects.

Built by influencers for you

We needed the tool ourself. So we definitely know, what you need.

Put more than one link in your bio

On all social media platforms you only have one link. But you have more to promote!

Use linkrex to put more actions behind your bio link

Trusted by many influencers and content creators

Swantje Robra
Funnel Projects
Lea Udry
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Start monetize products in your insta, tiktok & pinterest bio

Reach your customer where they reach you

You either can reuse your linkrex front on every social account or create a single one for each. But you can easily reuse all of your partner products across

94% Of all publishers use more than two affiliate programms. It was a mess to manage content.

$12bn Affiliate marketing industry reached an estimated worth of $12 billion - increasing.

8 / 10 Brands run affiliate programs. Have your success on it

66% Of all publishers use social media to reach potential customers.

Ready to get started? Get your partner products and content managed on your bio. Start now!

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Linkrex is the best link in bio tool for your social media profiles.

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